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CoursePro is built to save you time (and therefore money), by simplifying the administration of your business through its intelligent, online features.


The Control Centre is your virtual reception. From here, you can manage:

  • Set Up

  • Bookings

  • Member Management

  • Reports


Teacher Portal is your teacher’s device, giving them easy access to:

  • Mark Registers

  • Assessments

  • Movements

  • Teaching Plans

  • Medical Alerts


HomePortal is your parent’s online site. Their personal account allows them to review:

  • Weekly Progress

  • Online Payments

  • Progression Movements

  • Course history

Improve your overall course management including admin, scheduling, customer interaction and much more:



  • Easy to view scheduling
  • Automated contact through email and SMS
  • Improved data analysis and reporting by removing paper based systems
  • Easy management of members class movements
  • Full waiting list management
  • Class cancellation alert for ALL relevant members in under 5 clicks
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Easy management of make up sessions
  • Live statistics and reporting suite (link to reporting section below)
  • Manage multiple centres/sites all from the same place
  • The best Course Management software


The teacher app has been designed to be quick and easy to use during any kind of class. Whether that be in the water or from the poolside.

CoursePro course management software teach app screen shot
CoursePro course management software teach app screen shot
CoursePro course management software teach app screen shot
  • Take registers quickly and easily using the select all “pinch” option
  • Mark pupil assessment through intelligent grading system
  • View alerts for medical conditions, payment issues, if the member is new to a class or for birthdays
  • Works on any Apple or Android device
  • Save money on printing costs and administration
  • Data downloaded over a secure Wi-Fi connection
  • Set teaching plans for instructors to view and follow
  • Many waterproof cases available to safeguard your device


Homeportal is a unique login account to provide your customers with control over several aspects of their bookings, as well as weekly feedback on their course progress.

  • Branded to match your company website
  • Your customers can make bookings and payments online
  • View badges that have been awarded
  • View feedback automatically updated after each class
  • Manage multiple pupils within the same account
  • Secure registration for data protection


For help using HomePortal and improving your customer interaction, follow the link here.


CoursePro provides a powerful reporting suite that gives you access to important statistics in all areas of your business.

course management reporting graph
course management reporting graph
course management reporting graph
  • Report builder allows you to target specific data
  • Performance manage all areas of your business
  • Live stats screen at the top of each screen updated with joiner and leaver information
  • Export all reports to Excel


Bolt-on Products


Our purchasable Bolt-on Products improve the look, feel and functionality of CoursePro.


HomePortal Branding


Our popular HomePortal Branding service:

  • Integrates your website to your HomePortal
  • Creates your own bespoke HomePortal site
  • Uses your themes, logos, colours & branding to personalise your HomePortal
  • Gives a more professional, slick feel to your Sports Club or Leisure Centre’s online presence.



Click the Request Contact button below to find out more/ book your HomePortal Branding service.

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SMS Contact

SMS Contact allows you to add the option to contact customers via text message as well as email, increasing the chance your message will get through to customers first time.

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Postcode Look-Up


Saving time is important. We at CAP2 know that! It’s why we’ve created Postcode Look-Up. The product makes it easier to quickly add a member’s home address. It gives you a scroll down, auto-complete option, so that once you’ve entered in the member’s postcode, the rest of their details fill-out automatically.

On average the Bolt-On Product saves between 15 & 30 seconds per member. It means that if you’re finding adding members is becoming time consuming (especially if you’re adding large numbers) you can reduce the pain with Postcode Look-Up.

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To find out more about our Bolt-on Products, get in touch with us here, we’ll happily answer any questions you have!